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Trade Index levels.   

Updated: (Nov. 20/20)

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+ 10
Maximum tailwind

- 10
Maximum Headwind

Trends can last for any period of time.  The Trade Index focuses mainly on longer-term trends, of weeks, months and sometimes years. 

Crosswinds make it difficult to spot short vs long term trend changes.  The Trade Index is designed to help you identify the difference and invest effectively. 


Tailwinds = Bullish upward markets

A bull market is when prices are rising or expected to rise. Bullish means that an investor believes that a stock or the overall market will go higher.

crosswinds = sideways moving markets

A sideways market is when prices of investments remain within a tight range for any period. They don't make higher highs or a breakout above the previous highest price.

headwinds = bearish downward markets

Bearish means that an investor believes the stock will go down or underperform.

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